Happy Days Are Here Again



By M.D. Ward





So here we are again. 

I know whenever I sally forth Id better be well armed

Too much rage and not enough Sage. 

Ideas inflame me. 

I can't be

around fools.  

My only defense is 

to be the biggest fool.  

Iím left with

a gnawing nausea 

in the pit of my gut. 

Is it better to cut out the world?

How many crackedpots and bedbugs 

do you wade thru everyday?

Nodding and Winking, 

Oh Yeah, everything just candy apple Peachy.

Yeah everything is just fine.  

Sometimes I just want to Fly.  

Do a Swan

off the Empire State

Die with Grace. 

What a Joke. 

Iím am tired of Humanity

The Stench of the crowd suffocates me.  

I can't talk to

people about anything mundane 

without becoming Demented.  

It's just too painful 

To be Bored to Death. 

That is the Fate 

for those who Conform.

I want to split their skulls, 

rip out their blind eyes,

tie their


into knots,

 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Incinerate 

their very Souls. 

And then 

Iím Alone again. 


with my smoke and mirrors.  


and far from Man. 

I set up Camp.

No more Olive Branches.

"War is the Father of Everything" 

The World is a Battlefield

And Everyoneís the Enemy!!! 

On Garde!!! 



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