Holy Blastphemy



By M.D. Ward




Death is a vacation you never come back from.


If perfection is the enemy, looks likeyou have found a new friend.

Even God makes mistakes.Man.

I am.I was.Iím notÖSo what?

Speak to the we in me, not to the I in you.

Paradise is filled with animals.Heaven is filled with fools.

To be good in a godless world is to be a god.

Ever since I found out it was sin, I just canít stop.

Once you really know how small you are, you can put the world in its place.

The best thing you can be inn this Coney Island world is a mirror.

Q.Why hasít thou forsaken me?

A.You were just too much trouble, son.

Q.What are you searching for, pilgrim?

A.A monster just like me.


The dead never lie.They donít have to anymore.

You tortured me just like the rest, but yours was a caress compared to the rest.

It used to be all about UsÖuntil it became all about You...Now itís all about Me.

How did that happen?

All the popes are in the shithouse of hell.Theyíre the bathroom attendants.

Just another worm with the ambition of a snake.

The first seal to stop Clapping in the circusÖgets it!

Awake!Awake!Before thereís a wake.

Always your jester.Never your fool.Always your servant.Never your slave.

If anyone creates a better mouse trap, thereíll always be a bigger rat.

If you donítbelieve youíre nuts, youíre crazy.

Denial, the sincerest form of stupidity.

Is it Jesus Iscariot or Judas Christ?

We are already dead.Thereís just not enough room to lay down, now.

If I am acting out, there is something wrong with you.

Itís a fish story thatís been marinating for 2000 years.

The more I stay away, the more I become myself.

Busy hands are the devilís workshop.

I thank whatever god there be, that you are you, and I am me.

If the law itself is a crime,Öthen who is the criminal?

Now that you are gone, you are here all the time.

Iím in hell already.I might as well smoke.

As for love, you never get what you pay for.

The dead are so romantic.

God never hears when you cry.
If everything is a game then nothing is real.If nothing is realÖThen Let the games begin.

Assholes come in every color.

The greater the artist, the better the thief.

The best advice you ever get:Sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up.

It may take a holy fool to believe in God, but only an idiot does not believe inmiracles.



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