The First Seal



By M.D. Ward







 4/2/06 6:36 A.M.

And I’m spinning gold out of my head of straw and in the background a woman’s voice sweeter than any angels sings a song that surrounds me and drowns me in an Eternity of Bliss.  I scratch at the door of a dead world and hell hounds howl in my bowels.  Sometimes I miss my baby…. sometimes.  The rest is waiting.  I was born in a world of Devils.  From the very beginning…Devils.  Some fed me…. and then felt the fat on my fingers.  O not me to be your cannon fodder your flag waver your dead body hoisted on Your Cross of Hypocrisy. A Clown Rules the World.  And the first Seal in the Circus that stops clapping…..GETS IT.    










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