The Resignation Speech



By Eve Berliner







President Donald J. Trump






By Eve Berliner




My fellow Americans, my compatriots, this is the most dreaded day of my life.  All the glitter that I have accumulated could not save me from this reckoning. 


I have gone astray. 


My mother would not be proud.  She disdained me.


My father, my master, would condemn the prodigal son, the failure.


Only my grandfather Frederick, who fled to the shores of America, a poor immigrant from Bavaria, on the run from the draft, struck it rich with a string of brothels in the Klondike Gold Rush, Frederick would understand.  His blood runs in me.


I have hurt my children, brought shame upon them, my dear Ivanka, Don and Eric, Tiffany.


The kid, a stranger in a strange land, the father, a stone presence; his mother, his best friend, his angel.


Forgive me my trespasses, Father, for they know not what they do.


* * *

The masquerade is over, the prevarications, the horse trader con man President to quit the trail.  It is the only way out.  The exit door to reality, the nation at death’s door, poisoned by the relentless mad cacophony of my presidency.


No escape.  No peace of mind. 


I do not know what truth is anymore.


The walls are closing in.  I am ambushed.  Nowhere to run.


Apologia does not come easy. 


I love my country. 


The mirror has shattered and it will be a long time putting the jagged shards back together; it may never be what it was.


Resignation would be a blessing to us all, the misery lifted, fear stopped in its tracks.  Euphoria all over the world. Sky high ratings! 


A new beginning to redeem what has been lost, the soiling of the American dream, a time to repair the infrastructure of the American soul, its mind and body. 


America the Beautiful.  Halcyon skies and purple mountain majesties, the brotherhood of humanity from sea to shining sea.


We stood so proud.


The nation is torn apart and gasping for air, consumed by anger and base blood hatreds, a totalitarian foreboding.


I believe in the sacred words of our Founding Fathers, America’s true revolutionaries.  I believe in the Declaration of Independence.  All men are created equal.  I believe in the towering Constitution of the United States of America: freedom of thought and speech, freedom to worship, freedom of [that nasty] press and equal justice for all.


And so I bow to the wisdom of my great predecessor, General George Washington, upon his resignation from office on September 19, 1796:


“I retire from the great theatre of action; and bidding an affectionate farewell to this august body under whose orders I have so long acted.”


I am no George Washington. 


For the good of my beloved country I must forsake thee.


I hereby resign as President of the United States of America.

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